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Founded in 2000, EDU Furnitures (A brand of Eleganza International) is a leading innovation and design driven school furniture company. We offer a complete range of school furniture that cater the needs of a wide spectrum of clients across India. We have built the capability to meet the most stringent production targets in stipulated time frame

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EDU furnitures one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality school furniture in India.school furniture A pioneer in the industry offering the complete range of customised, innovative and ergonomic school furniture. Since humble inception in 2000, the group has grown from strength to strength. EDU Furnitures started its establishment with its workshop and showroom in New Delhi. From the very beginning, the group has focused on its core principles of customer service, quality, value for money and innovation, and it is these principles that have enabled the group to gain the trust of customers. EDU Furnitures has been active in providing furniture that is flexible, dynamic and attuned with the global and technological changes. The group continuously introduces new and high tech furniture to remain at the forefront of the industry. On the manufacturing front, we have continued to invest in new technology and machinery to continue its popular pace with new designs and styles to suit school needs.

Our collaborative approach and ability to change and adapt to project diversities ensures we create great outcomes for our clients. Our team is made up of an eclectic and talented group of highly skilled individuals. Together, we apply these skills to realise meaningful outcomes that are vivid and versatile. Our Team One of the many points of difference between Edu Furnitures and our competitors is that the personnel you meet on day one are actively involved until the end of the project. Secondly, since we have our own production and manufacturing team, we do much better customisation compared to mere importers and assemblers


Edu Furnitures gives considerable thought to the design ofthe modern classrooms, labs, library, cafeteria, hostel etc for any given school. We apply Thought Leadership to every project and collaborate closely with our clients to understand and develop their continually-evolving aspirations and emerging trends. School Furniture Design is about more than just providing an environment in which students and teachers come to do work. Instead, it is about creating a ‘Sense of place’ for schools, their teachers and students, their staff members that suits their needs, defines both their professional and personal values and that allows them seamlessly to transition between both. We design the project on CAD/CAM before getting into the nitty gritties of customisation in terms of production. Custmisation is carried out at the design stage itself that seamlessly flows through the production and installation.

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